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Ten Ways to Free Up Shoe Space in Your Closet

Free up some shoe space in your closet.  Be aware of what’s really going on in there…

Insider Info & Pantone Colors for Fall 2013

Designers and stylists all over the world are busy preparing for this upcoming season.  New styles are starting to trickle in to stores.   First, stores usually display what is called test orders.  These tests orders are trendy garments that are purchased by buyers and merchandisers, in small quantities, to determine the customers’ reactions and […]

Grunge FASHION Revival

Ahh… The sweet days of Pearl Jam, Courtney Love and Nirvana. The cult classic movie Singles or the Reality Bites soundtrack should take you back to this moment in time. What about ripped jeans or fishnets? Tie your flannel around your waist because…

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

 What precious metal suits you? All that glitters clearly isn’t gold!  As a matter of fact, there are many precious metals battling it out to be the glittering stars in our wardrobes. Through the years, the popularity of various metals has been driven by designer trends, popular color combos and, of course, the unpredictable economy.

OOPS… I Did it Again!

Nope, I didn’t play with his heart or get lost in the game, as Britney Spears has sang in the past. My oops is referring to annoying stains.  How many times have you ruined your shirt by spilling or dropping something on it and were unable to remove the stain? Or you had a stain and […]

The Joy Luck Club?

When we hit our 80’s and 90’s, what stories do we have to tell? Is it true that we get wiser as we get older? Will our trials and tribulations of the past provide insight to the younger people we know?  Perhaps we are meant to pave paths for the generations to come and teach them […]

The Man Bag

The Man Bag, Also known as the Murse. In the day and age of technology, people carry various things.  Women are known to carry a purse or handbag.  Though we generally choose them for style, we need our bags to function as well.  Basically, we all have a lot of loot to tow along. How […]

What’s in your overnight bag this Memorial Day weekend?

Five steps to well-packed weekend attire It’s the official kickoff of summer!  People flee to the Hamptons, Jersey Shore, or wherever they consider the appropriate spot to kick back and ring in the summer.  Visiting friends, attending picnics and BBQs are amongst the most popular activities this weekend. We all associate this holiday weekend with […]

Why I Ditched My Heels for Wedges

Designer’s Intern’s Perspective I’m Alyssa, 5’3” with a big personality, fueled by curiosity to know what is happening at all times around me. I have always wished I were taller. Just two inches would have made such a difference. Unfortunately my mother is 5’3″ and both my grandmothers were 5’2”. In other words, the chance […]

Met Punk Gala

This exhibition is organized and curated by Andrew Bolton at The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum. Titled: Chaos to Couture. Its purpose is to examine punk’s impact on high fashion since the 1970’s.  It shows how the punk influence has been a driving force in the fashion world.  DIY is so popular today, with […]