Andrea CaprioAndrea Caprio

Having designed sportswear for many years, I have paid close attention to what people are looking for in their day-to-day wardrobe, and how different clothes and a good fit makes them feel and look. I also realize that many people need help creating their individual style, or simply just don’t have the time to shop. After many requests from family, friends, coworkers and confused, stressed-out, frustrated women in dressing rooms, I decided to launch my personal style company.

 Not in a million years did I ever think this venture would impact me and my customers in the way it has. The feedback from my ecstatic customers after being “styled” has taken my passion to a new level. Clients time and again are telling me how their confidence has soared, and that the “styled” process was the crucial step needed to achieve having the world view them as the person they always pictured themselves being. Nothing warms my heart more than a happy, confident client with a great outfit and a smile! This is what reminds me every day that I’m lucky enough be doing the very thing I am most passionate about. The response has been fabulous, and I look forward to more smiling faces on my fashion-confident, well-dressed future clients. ~Andrea Caprio

Andrea’s extensive fashion experience began over 20 years ago as a NYC designer. Her knowledge of fit, patterns and garment construction sets her apart from other stylists. Designing junior, contemporary and plus-size sportswear for many years, Andrea not only has a unique eye for color, fabrics and trends, but understands how to fit and style women of all shapes and sizes. While fulfilling clients’ wardrobe needs and desires, Andrea helps women gain the confidence they need to feel and look effortlessly put together. A “true garmento” of the fashion industry, she is attuned to the domestic and European fashion markets, possessing a keen sense of what people need and want. From fashion buyers for popular priced stores and catalogues, to styling, costume and wardrobe on major motion pictures, to the daily fashion-craving woman on the street, Andrea can interpret fashion and curate a personal wardrobe like no other.