Grunge FASHION Revival

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Ahh… The sweet days of Pearl Jam, Courtney Love and Nirvana. The cult classic movie Singles or the Reality Bites soundtrack should take you back to this moment in time. What about ripped jeans or fishnets? Tie your flannel around your waist because…

Don’t look now, but grunge is back!

You may have noticed small glimpses here and there this spring and summer, but come fall, get ready for a double take.  I was there, I lived it, I had a blast. But do I want to relive it?

Hell yeah! Who wouldn’t want to sport Doc Martens, layer their clothes and have messy, wavy hair? The good news is that it’s coming back with a more luxurious feel.  More charm, quality and well-made pieces.  It’s like grunge for grown-ups.

The more sophisticated version of grunge for 2013 will include his and her versions of tie-up boots, plenty of plaids, and sheer layers of fabrics mixed with textures like leather and suedes.  Why should Generation X have all the fun?

Be on the lookout for 90’s inspired looks when shopping for fall.  I predict grunge will last straight through winter and into next year.  Have some fun with it! This time around, the grunge trend will be more balanced by adding a touch of elegance from the 1920’s.

Grunge-RevivalThe 1920’s carefree, rebellious demeanor had a similar grunge vibe. Though the layered styles were similar, the 1920’s were a bit more refined.   Sure, there were herringbones, sheer fabrics and oversized pieces that were reminiscent of grunge, however, the 20’s represented an easy, relaxed but sophisticated time in fashion history. The merging of these two eras cultivates a harmonious balance of aloof lushness.

“Aloof lush” is the shabby chic of 2013!

Jump on this trend. I assure you, there will be something for everyone.


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