Ten Ways to Free Up Shoe Space in Your Closet

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Free up some shoe space in your closet.  Be aware of what’s really going on in there…

1. If you have bridal party shoes that were dyed to match, then come to the realization that you are never going to dye them another color and donate them.

2. You love this pair of shoes. They are hot. But you can’t stand in them more than five minutes without your feet hating your guts. I know they were expensive, but you won’t wear them. Give them to someone, donate them, or just toss ’em!

3. The “I will get them fixed” pair. This pair needs some sort of repair, whether it’s a strap, buckle or worn down sole. If you haven’t done it yet, and you said you would a few years ago, then pass them on.

4. “If the shoe fits, wear it,” and if it doesn’t, then just get rid of it.

5. You loved them. You wanted them. You had to have them. But you never wore them. We have all done this. Shoes that make us stop dead in our tracks. The shoe gods are calling and we heed the call. They are so unique and different. We are lusting for them to be ours and can’t possibly leave the store without them in our clutches. You eventually realize these little gems are beautiful, yet they match nothing. You constantly pull them out and try them on with outfits, however, you never seem to leave the house in them. I’m sorry to say, you probably never will. Bye bye “unique but impossible” shoe!

6. The “perfect pair”of shoes. They came, they wore and they conquered! This pair of shoes went everywhere and went with everything. So much so that they are now like two little flat tires. In some cases they are worn right through. I know you love them, but it’s time for their replacement. No need to ignore the fact that your once perfect shoe is now making you look like a rag picker. Don’t pout. Get the same pair again. It will feel like the best money ever spent!

7. The pair of shoes “that didn’t fit your friend”. She passed them on and it thrilled you to the core to score a free pair of shoes. The only problem is, they don’t fit you either. They have been sitting in your closet for a few years. Pass them on or send them to the circular file.

8. And then there was one. It’s kind of like the miraculous missing sock and less like Cinderella. These were great shoes, but somehow they became a not so friendly game of memory. Nobody likes to be late for work because they had to search for the match to a shoe. It’s the same shoe all the time. Or is it the match, and you just stashed it in another place? Mark the shoe with a pen. If this annoying situation arises again, just dump it! If a year from now you find the mate, don’t regress into your frenzy. Just chuck that one, too. At this point it’s out of style, and those shoes were always just there to antagonize you anyway.

9. The “fantasy” shoes. Ahh… We all love these! Trying them on in the store, we feel like these shoes will change our lives. I’ll go horseback riding on the beach in these, or mountain climbing in the Alps. These boots would be perfect in the ski lodge (sure I could learn how to ski ). Here is the new rule… If you don’t have plans to go horseback riding on the beach, mountain climbing in the Alps or skiing in Vail, then hold off on buying the shoes.

10. Last but not least are the heels which “shouldn’t be higher than your standards”. Okay. Most of us have high standards, but seriously, I know they are sexy, they make your legs look mean and lean. But let’s be honest, if they make us look like we are carrying a refrigerator on our backs while walking, then we probably don’t want ’em!


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