What’s in your overnight bag this Memorial Day weekend?

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Five steps to well-packed weekend attireMemorial-day-gear-1

It’s the official kickoff of summer!  People flee to the Hamptons, Jersey Shore, or wherever they consider the appropriate spot to kick back and ring in the summer.  Visiting friends, attending picnics and BBQs are amongst the most popular activities this weekend. We all associate this holiday weekend with different things, whether it’s past memories, people, smells, or the first sip of that beer or frosty drink.

Weather is usually unpredictable this time of year.  People have a hard time packing for the weekend, or just choosing something to wear for that BBQ or gathering.   I suggest upon packing you consider options which could work for a wide range of temperatures.  This goes for men and women.  Pack light colors.  Pack a few long and short sleeve top options.  Pack shorts and light pants such as linen, cotton or denim.  Your shirt options should be easily worn with both your pants and shorts, depending on the temp that day or night.  If it’s warm in the morning or afternoon start with the shorts, and add layers as the temp drops throughout the day if needed.When you pack, I suggest everything you put in your weekend bag work well together.  If you are a little fashion challenged, I say follow this five-step checklist to make sure everything you bring compliments other pieces without over packing or stressing yourself out.  This is supposed to be an easy breezy weekend, not a “what the heck am I wearing, or I hate all my clothes from last year” weekend.  Start with picking three colors that work. For instance…

1. Pick three colors
  • Navy blue
  • Khaki
  • White
2. Textures – Within your color scheme , add some textures or prints such as…
  • Plaids
  • Stripes
  • Denim
3. Shoes
  • Open shoe sandal or flip
  • Closed shoe (not heavy or dark)
4. If you are into a pop of color, consider tossing these items in your bag. (Orange or Red go nicely with the three colors we chose)
  • Hat
  • Belt
  • Statement jewelry
5. Something with a zipper or buttons which works well with shorts and pants, in case you have the need to put on an extra light layer.
  • Denim Jacket
  • Cardigan

Not hard at all!  When you get to your destination, whatever you pull out of the bag will match.  Voila!

While most of you are out enjoying the sun, your favorite stylist will be out shopping Memorial Day deals for her fabulously dressed clients, who all seem to suddenly have a new effortless style.

Everyone please be safe and enjoy your holiday weekend!




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