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Making Sense of Scents (A lesson on fragrance)

A lesson on Fragrance

How long have you been sporting your fragrance? Would you say you have a signature scent? Much like the clothes we choose, our perfume/cologne is another form of expression that can set us apart from the pack. Sense of smell is the most memorable sense of all the senses. It’s amazing how one sniff of […]

Terrific Find for the Perfect Holiday Gift!

I was downtown strolling along Prince Street the other day and stumbled across a terrific gift idea. The intriguing store is called Badichi Customized Belts, and they specialize in customizing all sorts of belts for men and women.

Thursday Friday Has Your Next Statement Tote!

Nope, these are not just days of the week. However, I bet you are going to want one for every day of the week.   Read on for details, and 30% off your own fab Thursday Friday bag!