When Not to Take a Trendy Fashion Risk

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Fashion Risk

Ever notice someone rock a vintage look so well it can propel you into a specific point in time, nailing the vibe and the look effortlessly? Meanwhile, someone else wearing the exact same garment might just appear to be stuck in a time warp. This is where knowing when not to take a trendy fashion risk would come in handy.

There have been so many short-lived, fleeting trends since the beginning of time. Everything from jodhpurs to saddle shoes to rainbow colored hair.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say you need a certain confidence or je ne sais quoi to pull off a fleeting trend. How do you know if you are about to embark on an epic fashion don’t?

If you do like incorporating trends into your wardrobe that’s great! I’m a big fan of it myself. I’ve been known to try new things and take fashion risks here and there; however, my advice to you is much like the Kenny Rogers song, “You better know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em”.

Here is a quick story about one of my epic fashion fails. I’ll never forget freshman year in high school. I woke up and decided to wear my brand new, trendy chambray prairie skirt with a broad ruffle at the bottom. This look also had a chambray shirt buttoned up to my neck, complete with a big brooch encrusted with gemstones and a little chain dangling from it. Yup! I took a risk! The biggest problem wasn’t that this monochromatic 80’s look was just an over-the-top fail, but was that I chose to do this on October 31st. Nothing like having everyone walk down the hall asking you if you are Laura Ingalls Wilder for Halloween. Again, I should have listened to Kenny. “Know when to walk away, know when to run”. I’ll admit that I should have run from that fashion disaster; however, to this day I’m still taking occasional fashion risks for the sake of style, expression and individuality.

Here are a few tips to avoid looking like you are headed to a costume party when taking trendy fashion risks:

-Don’t try a new trendy fashion risk on Halloween.
-Don’t let the garment wear you.
-It’s not what you wear, it is absolutely how you wear it.
-If it’s not flattering then don’t take the risk.
-Even if it’s fabulous, if it’s not your color, then it’s not a risk worth taking.
-If you wore it a decade or two ago, then be aware of the fact that it’s not being worn the same way you wore it back in the day.
-Pick one or two aspects of a trend. For instance, if you wear 70’s inspired shoes and pants, don’t wear them with the glasses, bag and shirt, or else you are at risk of looking to costumey.

Leave me a comment below telling me what your failed fashion risk was. #failedfashionrisk

Have fun with trends! Don’t worry to much about fashion risks. It’s all about making a personal statement.

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