OOPS… I Did it Again!

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Nope, I didn’t play with his heart or get lost in the game, as Britney Spears has sang in the past.

My oops is referring to annoying stains.  How many times have you ruined your shirt by spilling or dropping something on it and were unable to remove the stain? Or you had a stain and made it worse by rubbing too hard, or used the wrong product in hopes of removing it?

I can’t tell you how many times I have ruined a great shirt and thrown money right out the window.   I’ve dropped bits, blops and splatters, of whatever I was consuming, on various pieces of clothing.   Nothing is worse than having a nice night out in a great outfit, then bam!

Scrape, blot, scrub and rub didn’t work, so now you are left with an eyesore the rest of the evening.  Not only did you ruin your shirt, but your confidence just came down a few notches, and feeling aggravated wasn’t the mood or look you were striving for.

I was in Harmon Discount the other day, and as I walked up the aisle I hit those side baskets, you know, the ones with “mini everything”.  I am partial to travel size products.  It’s a great way to try a product. It is easy to tote around, and if you don’t like it, it’s easier to part with because you don’t feel like the purchase was a big waste of money.

Also, let’s face it, everything is cuter when it’s mini.

Anyway, I noticed a bunch of mini Tide stuff.  There were Tide pens, Tide erasers, Tide mini pens,  pods, powders, liquids, you name it! I reached in and grabbed a bunch.  I thought… Humph…! How cool! I could just toss these erasers and pens in each of my bags and always be armed with a portable stain fighting weapon. Brilliant!mail

Have I been living under a rock? Or just living in NYC and sending out my laundry for too many years? In NYC most of us don’t have washers or dryers, so if you come home from a late night with a stain, that shirt’s funeral is pretty much the next morning.  There are actually stain erasers? And pens? Where have I been?

I’m happy to report, I have saved two very trendy, fashion forward tops, and I am truly grateful to have them as good as new and hanging back in my closet.  Thanks Tide!

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