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Resurrecting Party Dresses from the 60’s, 80’s and 90’s

It always captures my attention to see people play with their fashion choices. An  event which calls for party dresses is my playground.  I love to see the different looks created by various personalities and styles. A party is the perfect place to make a statement or try a look which you ordinarily wouldn’t try. […]

Does Your Wardrobe Need CPR?

I’m sure most of our wardrobes could use a little attention (a revival if you will). We get stuck in ruts as months fly by. Most of us know the look we would like to portray, or the style we started out wanting once upon a time. The reality is that we get caught up […]

Who is Vince Camuto?

Most of us know who Vince Camuto is by now. If you don’t, there may be a slight chance you are stuck under a rock somewhere and I should call for help immediately. Allow me to brief you on the man of fashion before I let you in on who I met and how I […]

Printable Vacation Packing List

The Dreaded Task of Vacation Packing. Similar to the birds, once the weather starts to turn cold, we start to migrate south. November through March are very popular vacation months. By popular request, I’m going to share some of my favorite packing tips with my style savvy readers.

Editor’s Perspective “When Clothing Fits”

When’s the last time you went through your closet to take inventory of the clothing you own? If you’re anything like me, the answer is never! At “Styled” by Andrea’s suggestion, I recently went through all the clothes that I own. What an eye opener!

Prints Charming

  Finally, your charming prints have arrived! With so many fabulous prints this season, why choose just one? Some of the hot print trends right now range from nature landscapes to marble swirls, and everything in between. No shortage of animal prints, snake skins or even edgy graphics.

Not My Most Glamorous Moment

No Stylist Wants to be Caught with a Plunger I am hesitant to share this embarrassing story with my readers, however, just like anything else, style has its good, bad, and yes, even its ugly.  I am smack in the middle of my busy season.  I’ve been buzzing around as if I were the super […]

Unique Fashion Treasures

There are so many talented people creating unique fashion treasures. As a stylist, I am always looking for unique finds for my clients. We all like to make a statement.  Part of my job is to research the latest trends and present them to all of you. I totally enjoy this part of styling. Revealing the […]

The Return of the Sport Coat

The sport coat, it’s between formal wear and a casual jacket. This traditional staple is where the well-dressed man really distinguishes himself from the pack.

Which Style Personality Best Describes You?

Perhaps you don’t really have a specific style. Maybe your style is a unique combination of a few different styles. Or perhaps you lean towards one specific look all the time. Whatever the case may be, knowing what specific style you are is a great place to start when you are sorting brands to shop.