Andrea Caprio on Why You Should Try Lash Extensions

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Andrea Caprio for Winks Salon

Where is everyone getting awesome looking natural eyelashes? Lately, when I look around, it seems as though women’s eyelashes look longer, fuller and seem to be more striking than usual.

As we get older our lashes become thinner and start to look more sparse. If mine are disappearing, then why are people my age walking around with gorgeous lashes?

I slightly lean in while engaging in a friendly conversation with a woman at a local boutique. While chitchatting, I’m trying not to be so obvious while trying to figure out if her lashes are real or fake. Her lashes seem to be mascara free and don’t look like they were applied on top of her lash line. I am only left to assume they are her natural, beautiful lashes. Envy starts to seep in and I interrupt our chat mid convo by blurting out, “Wow, you have beautiful lashes!” She laughs and says they are lash extensions. My initial thought is, “What the hell are lash extensions, and where do I sign up?”

Not long after that I met Liz Calandra, the owner of Winks Hair and Lash Studio. She owns two salons in New Jersey, and is a New York and New Jersey licensed cosmetologist. Aside from having a full service salon, including wigs and hair extensions, she is also a certified lash specialist.

She was just the right person to break this eyelash craze down and address my concerns and worries about trying eyelash extensions. She explained how they customize each application for the shape of individual clients’ eyes, and builds the desired look they want to achieve.

The thought of having anyone besides a doctor near my eyes scared me. I asked about the process, materials and how they looked so real. A big worry was if my lashes would be damaged in the process. She assured me they wouldn’t. It was all very interesting.

Liz informed me that it was actually a luxurious experience and I would fall in love with the results. She was right! Hi, my name is Andrea Caprio, and I am no longer an eyelash extension skeptic!

Lashes from Winks Salon

Lashes from Winks Salon

There are actually lots of lash types to choose from. For instance, there’s flirt, glamor, minx, extreme volume or fancy lashes.

Naturally I went with the glam. It was amazing how Liz applied each lash to my own eyelashes one by one. I was propped up on a comfy pillow while I laid down, and we chatted about how I enjoyed being a personal stylist and how she enjoyed her salons.

In the blink of an eye I was finished and had these amazing eyelashes that looked like my own, but nicer. Can’t even begin to tell you how it made my eyes pop. I had no makeup on, even need mascara.

She recommended that I come back for fill ins every few weeks. Yes, I’ll be honest, eyelash extensions are pricey, and the upkeep is another thing on your to-do list. However, the result was fantastic and undetectable. It’s a long way from those eyelashes you glue on from the drug store. This is the real deal.

In a world where we get manicures, massages, facials, hire personal stylists, have our hair died, hire cleaning ladies and send out our laundry, why not get a fabulous, youthful eyelash look?

If it’s too pricey, then perhaps save up for an important event. People won’t know what changed on your face, they will be leaning in to figure it out. Your fresher more vibrant look will be your little secret.

Call Liz Calandra at Winks Hair and Lash Studio for an appointment. Mention “Styled” by Andrea Caprio and get 10% off your lashes. Enjoy!  Winks Lash Studio

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