Met Punk Gala

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This exhibition is organized and curated by Andrew Bolton at The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum. Titled: Chaos to Couture.Punked-it-out-2

Its purpose is to examine punk’s impact on high fashion since the 1970’s.  It shows how the punk influence has been a driving force in the fashion world.  DIY is so popular today, with YouTube demos popping up and lots of how tos on do it yourself garments, it is pretty cool to see where much of the inspiration bloomed.

This is like the Oscars of costume and high fashion crumbled into one.  I couldn’t think of a more fun fashion forward event.  As a designer and stylist, I would love to dress someone for an extraordinary event like this.  This ensemble would need attitude and a fantastic mix of punk and glamour.

When thinking about a traditional punk style, these are the things that come to mind instantly;




Mohawks, spiked hair, half shaved head with long flap of hair over one eye

Converse sneakers






The Ramones

Vivian Westwood




Cut outs and rips

Gee, I could go on forever!  What a fun event!  I woke up this morning eager to see what the celebs wore to this unusually fun occasion.  I have to say, holy cow!  I was disappointed.  It was like me watching Project Runway.  Everyone is doing it wrong and I would have nailed it!

How could these celebs let such a photo op pass them by?  This is all about attitude and representing punk.  They couldn’t have been any clearer on the invite.  The Oscars are way harder to dress; you could go in any direction.  In this case you are literally told what to wear.

Ok.  Before I lose my mind, let me just say this:  Some celebs really did get it right.  They took the opportunity to get in character and not only had fun with it, but made it work in a chic and glamorous way. To name a few, there was Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning and Donatella Versace.

My greatest disappointments were the celebs I would have expected to knock it out of the park but totally didn’t.

Linda Evangelista looks confused. She was at the wrong party?  Beyonce, I love you, but what about that “get up” says punk?  Ivanna Trump, all the money in the world, and that’s what you choose?  Madonna are you serious?  One of my fave fashion icons of all time, and she blew it.  I would have loved to see her in something glamorous with a cool punk edge.  She could have created a new iconic look from this opportunity.  So disappointed with her Halloween costume party punk outfit.  Kim Kardashian…  I have no words.  It’s a sad day in creative fashion land for Andrea today.  Better luck next time.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, and I certainly hope the Met opens its punk exhibit to the rest of us.  I’m sure the exhibit is spectacular.


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