The Man Bag

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The Man Bag, Also known as the Murse.

In the day and age of technology, people carry various things.  Women are known to carry a purse or handbag.  Though we generally choose them for style, we need our bags to function as well.  Basically, we all have a lot of loot to tow along.

How do men do it? Can they possibly fit everything into their pants pockets?photo-1

  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Kindle
  • Receipts
  • Charger
  • Tissues and wallets are just samples of the loot we tote wherever we go.

Different bags for different men.

I took the liberty of asking a few men I know about the bags they carry and what their needs are when it comes to toting around their stuff.  Apparently, there are as many types of man bags as there are types of men.  Who knew? For example…

  1. Athletic – Adidas gym bag seems to be popular for athletes.
  2. Rugged outdoors type – Distressed  leather satchels or canvas backpacks.
  3. Frugal guy – Single frugal guy would be happy with a plastic bag. But married frugal guy is usually convinced by the misses to upgrade at least to a low cost backpack.
  4. I don’t want to carry a bag guy – This guy is very interesting. He doesn’t carry a bag in order to keep his cool status, yet he makes fun of his friend for carrying a man bag, but oddly enough at the same time keeps asking him to hold his phone, keys etc.
  5. Weekend getaway guy – This guy likes to be ready at a moment’s notice.  A trip with the boys, or a weekend getaway with their  significant other.  Weekend getaway guy usually has put a lot of thought into his bag selections as well as his attire.  Usually spotted with a leather duffle, canvas tote or an actual name brand weekender bag.
  6. Biz traveler – Biz traveler needs to tote his technology,  along with his garment bag for suits.
  7. Dad – The diaper dude bag.  Dads need to have everything for kid emergencies.  Compartments are key! Men may need a map to locate everything in this bag,  but it’s always a great help when mommy is not in sight.  Usually canvas, black and incognito.

I did ask one male friend what he thought of the nautical bag. His reply was, “If you are a dude carrying a nautical bag, then you BETTER be nautical!”  We shared a laugh, and I suppose all the seamen we know could get away with it.Murse-1

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