Who is Vince Camuto?

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Most of us know who Vince Camuto is by now. If you don’t, there may be a slight chance you are stuck under a rock somewhere and I should call for help immediately. Allow me to brief you on the man of fashion before I let you in on who I met and how I found out all these juicy details…

Vince & Louise Camuto

Vince & Louise Camuto

Vince Camuto is an Italian-American designer who was born in NYC. He’s known for his sophisticated and sharp garment and shoe construction. The 63-year-old designer started his first company, Nine West Group, at the young age of 28. He sold the brand in 1999 and then founded the Camuto Group.


The intuitive fashion entrepreneur purchased the master license to Jessica Simpson’s clothing brand in 2005. He then began designing shoes for the Jessica Simpson Collection.


Being a designer myself, my guess is Vince Camuto has pulled in larger numbers in the past few years than many of the top designers we know and love. From men’s and women’s clothing to handbags, shoes, coats and jewelry, to even accessories and diverse fragrances, the Vince Camuto brand has been taking the world by storm, one fabulous purchase after another.


Here is where it gets interesting!


No, it’s not the cool fact that I also interviewed for a Jessica Simpson design job and was called back three times (totally true by the way). But that’s not the story. The story begins on 34th Street last week. I strolled into the Vince Camuto store. I’ve been a big fan of Vince for my male and female clients from the start, however, the shoes were looking extra special to me. They were elegant, practical and not over the top.


unnamedI asked a sales assistant if I could try some of these pretty puppies on. They were oh sooo comfy, very reminiscent of my fave Cole Hann fit.

Anyhow, I was lucky enough to strike up a convo with the lovely store associates Bardha Gogolli and Christal Soriano. They were very friendly. I started fussing over how amazing the shoes were. I know my Camuto shoes. What was different? The aesthetic was slightly different. A little more feminine perhaps?

Ah ha! Upon asking, Bardha started telling me about Louise Camuto’s shoe line, “Louise Et Cie”. That’s it! It is the softer side of Vince. Was I the one living under the rock?unnamed

Here is the scoop. Apparently Louise was the interior decorator called on to create the decor in Vince’s house. Yup. That’s where they fell in love.



Louise Camuto is not only a creative woman, she is also beautiful. Louise is a former Miss Sweden, from Orebro, in Narke, Sweden.

Two creative minds met, and now Vince Camuto’s wife is not only his muse, but the brand’s creative director as well. The saleswomen I met at the store (see pic above) told me the creative couple come in to the 34th Street location from time to time and are such lovely people.

Vince Camuto is on fire! Congrats on your brand’s success. “Styled” by Andrea Caprio wishes you continued success, and will be looking forward to seeing what comes next. Louise, we love your elegant yet practical shoes!




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