Editor’s Perspective “When Clothing Fits”

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photo-3When’s the last time you went through your closet to take inventory of the clothing you own?

If you’re anything like me, the answer is never! At “Styled” by Andrea’s suggestion, I recently went through all the clothes that I own. What an eye opener!

Sad thing is, I found tons of clothing that I didn’t really like. I found clothing that either didn’t quite fit right when purchased, or doesn’t fit anymore because of changes my body has gone through. Shirts that are too big or too small are so annoying! If the sleeves are too long, they get in the way when reaching for something, causing me to be clumsy. If the midsection is too small, it makes me feel like I need to lose weight.

Pants that are too small, whether in the waist or inseam, leave me feeling totally self-conscious. I think to myself, “I know the pants don’t fit right. Does everybody else know this, too?” And if the waist is too big, again, I find myself worrying more about how I look rather than the task at hand.

Two months ago Andrea and I visited A Suit That Fits on Park Avenue. And my journey into custom fitted clothing began. In just a few minutes, a young lady named Shao took all sorts of measurements of my body to ensure that any garment I chose would fit me, literally, like a glove. So Andrea, Shao and I started designing a sport coat that would be right for me. First we chose the material. Then we chose the lining. We chose piping and stitching, buttons for the sleeves and buttons for the front of the coat. Who knew there were so many choices!

photo-6Fast forward six weeks. My sport coat is ready! So I made my way back to A Suit That Fits. For the first time in my life, I owned a sport coat that was made for me. And lemme tell ya… Wow! The feeling that came over me, knowing that I looked good, that this sport coat looked fantastic because it was custom made for me, made me feel like a million bucks! It took my self-confidence to another level.

Thank you “Styled” by Andrea and A Suit That Fits for educating me about the world of custom fitted clothing. Book an appointment today with “Styled” by Andrea and get started on your own custom fit journey.  -Larry Moskowitz (Editor and client of “Styled” by Andrea Caprio)

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