Does Your Wardrobe Need CPR?

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Fashion CPR

I’m sure most of our wardrobes could use a little attention (a revival if you will).

We get stuck in ruts as months fly by. Most of us know the look we would like to portray, or the style we started out wanting once upon a time. The reality is that we get caught up in our busy lives, and we tend to throw on what is easy and accessible in our closets, barely paying attention to those fantasy pieces in the back with the tags still on them.

Ask yourself these questions…

  1. Are there tags still hanging on garments in my closet?
  2. Do I basically wear the same four outfits day after day?
  3. Has it been a long time since I actually updated my look?
  4. Do I say I will buy new clothes as soon as I lose a few pounds?
  5. Are the bottoms of my shoes worn out?
  6. Am I wearing a winter coat from five years ago which doesn’t even zip closed anymore?
  7. When I open my closet, is black one of the first words that comes to mind?
  8. Have garments with zippers slowly made their way out of my wardrobe?

If you said yes to two or more of the above, then your wardrobe definitely needs CPR! Continue reading for great tips on reviving your wardrobe through color, purpose and the right fit.

 CPR stands for Color, Purpose and the Right fit.


Let your colors represent you and your personality. Choose colors that flow well for easy mixing and matching. Once you establish whether you prefer cool or warm colors, you can start adding in prints for visual interest. Everyone needs a little color!


Be sure the garments you purchase have a function and will work well with your lifestyle. Can you wear it to work? Out to din? To a function? Be sure it’s practical for you.

Right fit

I can’t stress enough how important fit is when purchasing additions to your wardrobe. The right fit can make or break a look. Simple or dramatic, casual or sophisticated, good fit is a must. Have a professional take your measurements. Learn your true size. Some people are so hung up on the numbers and don’t realize that buying a size bigger might actually make them look smaller. Or buying a size smaller than what’s represented in their closet could make them look more polished. You would not believe the amount of clients I have who are petite sizes and didn’t even know it.

Give your wardrobe a little CPR and gain confidence in your personal style. Let me know how it goes!

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