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“Fringe” Benefits for Spring

Are there benefits of adding fringe to your wardrobe? Yes! Fringe will add fun, color and sass to any outfit. Every time I spot fringe amongst a crowd, I feel as if fashion is smiling back at me.

It’s A Cinch!

Since we were kids we learned that we needed to put on a belt or else our pants would fall down. Right? I’m not too sure that I have actually worn a belt to hold my pants up, however, I could think of a million other reasons to wear one. Belts come in all shapes and […]

I’m Not Getting Paid by Cole Haan…

I just love them! They really are the best constructed shoe out there. In my opinion, Cole Haan gets it right,  for both men and women. For years now, Nike has been collaborating with Cole Haan to construct not only great looking shoes, but shoes that are as comfortable as walking on air. I believe […]

Get Inspired! It’s Flower Show Time!

39th Annual Macy’s Flower Show March 24th – April 7th Nothing says spring like two million flowers and exotic topiaries.  Sixty-five years ago, Macy’s Flower Show began as a fragrance festival at the Union Square store in San Francisco. In 1953, the Macy’s Flower Show made its debut at The Herald Square store in New […]

It’s not always so black and white!

They need no introduction, apology or explanation. They command attention. The marriage of non-color colors. Both can stand alone and make a bold statement (think wedding or funeral). It’s the Perfect contrast (think yin and yang). Yes! You guessed it! Classic black and white. Clean, stately, polished and so easy to match. Some of life’s […]

Pantone, how it’s a good tool for my clients and readers…

For many years as a designer, I would find all kinds of inspiration from so many different things, whether it be nature, objects, vintage, circumstances, travel, or my favorite inspiration, color! Color to me sets a mood and tells a story.  What better way to greet the world than saying, “Hi! This is the mood […]