My Secret to A Young Looking Face

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Yes, first and foremost, it’s absolutely good genes.  People have told me I looked younger than my age at every stage of my life.  It is a wonderful thing!  I know my luck with the gene pool will not last forever, and as my friend and mentor, Vivian Harris, always tells me, “Honey!  Do it before the gloss wears off.”

Fashion has always been my thing.  I have never been much of a products person.  Although, if I find a product I like, I almost never part with it.  I become a creature of habit with products, make-up and beauty supplies.  Without going into a whole new topic, I wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully some helpful tips.

After people repeatedly pointing out that I look younger than my age, I decided to really give it some thought.  What was I using?  What were my tricks?  Do I even have tricks?

Turns out I do have tricks, and I know how to use them.  I’d say my product and make-up hints have been picked up little by little throughout the years.  I haven’t necessarily invented anything.  I think it’s just a collection of tips that made sense.  When applied together, they seem to work to my advantage.  I noticed once I find a product that works, it pretty much becomes a staple.  I try to teach my clients the same with their body shapes.   Regardless of trends, stick to what looks good on you.  I feel that absolutely goes for make-up as well.

Ok.  Without further ado, here is your Designer’s Perspective on giving yourself a young, no fuss, everyday look.  It seems that most tips I’ve collected came from fashion and beauty magazines I’ve been reading since I was 16.  Also, an eye for detail or an artful eye has been key.  I’ll explain…

Less is more when you are trying to look younger!  You don’t need ten pounds of gunk on your face or anything fancy or expensive.  I do strongly suggest a great moisturizer.  But as for overpriced fancy colors on your face during the day, I say no, no, no!

Here’s what I know about creating a young look…

Look at your face with nothing on it.  Really look at it.  What color are your natural lips? Red? Brown? Pink? Peach? Now do the same with the other parts of your face. Lashes, cheeks and brows included.  I believe that when we are creating a younger look we are all artists.  We are using make-up to create an illusion.  Sometimes I think we all get stuck in a routine.  We just slap on our daily make-up regimen because someone else said “these are your colors.”  Hit the reset button.  Use your own common sense.  After all, you are the only person on this planet with your face.

Think of a baby, or a young child.  Pouty lips, rosey cheeks and nice, new, long eyelashes (every time I see my nephew’s eyelashes I want to steal them right off his cute little face).  So If these are the things that young people have, then we want them!  The trick is applying them all together without looking like a drag queen or you just escaped from the circus.

When I want a young daytime look I use…

  • A good moisturizer
  • Foundation that matches skin (darker in summer)
  • Eyebrow powder (brush eyebrows upward)
  • A cream shimmer (on your whole eyelid)
  • Your favorite mascara (long strokes then gently press them back with your fingers till dry.  I find this makes them look the longest, and you can shape them to your exact eye shape.  Press outwards in the corners for a little fan effect. Very Jessica Rabbit)
  • I use pink on my cheeks because that is my color.  Find your color and just do the apples of your cheeks.  It’s ok if it is the brightest thing on your face because we aren’t using any real colors.  We are just enhancing what we were born with.
  • No eyeliner for this look.  Do you see babies or kids wearing eyeliner? I think not.
  • Either use a lip liner with a tinted gloss, a lipstick color that matches your lips, or go up to four shades darker than your natural lip color.  If you opt for the lipstick, I find picking one with a lot of moisture and dabbing it on makes for the best pout.
  • Sometimes I swipe my eyelids before I’m done and drag a little shimmer to the top of my cheeks. (Appears a little dewy)  I personally have dry skin, so I use tricks to make my skin look moist and shiny.  People with shiny skin are always trying to cover it up.  I don’t understand that.  Just blot!  Using all kinds of creams and powders just creates wrinkles, and leaves you with a very made-up face.daytime look

Keep in mind this is just an easy day look that works for me. Nighttime glam is a whole other ball game. Give it a whirl and see if somebody you haven’t seen in years stops you at the grocery store.  Don’t be alarmed if they stare intensely and seem to be getting closer and closer.  Before you drop your melons, realize they are probably moving closer in hopes to try and figure out what kind of work you have had done.

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