The Joy Luck Club?

When we hit our 80’s and 90’s, what stories do we have to tell?

Is it true that we get wiser as we get older? Will our trials and tribulations of the past provide insight to the younger people we know?  Perhaps we are meant to pave paths for the generations to come and teach them by sharing our own history. Read More

The Man Bag

The Man Bag, Also known as the Murse.

In the day and age of technology, people carry various things.  Women are known to carry a purse or handbag.  Though we generally choose them for style, we need our bags to function as well.  Basically, we all have a lot of loot to tow along.

How do men do it? Can they possibly fit everything into their pants pockets?photo-1

  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Kindle
  • Receipts
  • Charger
  • Tissues and wallets are just samples of the loot we tote wherever we go. Read More

What’s in your overnight bag this Memorial Day weekend?

Five steps to well-packed weekend attireMemorial-day-gear-1

It’s the official kickoff of summer!  People flee to the Hamptons, Jersey Shore, or wherever they consider the appropriate spot to kick back and ring in the summer.  Visiting friends, attending picnics and BBQs are amongst the most popular activities this weekend. We all associate this holiday weekend with different things, whether it’s past memories, people, smells, or the first sip of that beer or frosty drink.

Weather is usually unpredictable this time of year.  People have a hard time packing for the weekend, or just choosing something to wear for that BBQ or gathering.   I suggest upon packing you consider options which could work for a wide range of temperatures.  This goes for men and women.  Pack light colors.  Pack a few long and short sleeve top options.  Pack shorts and light pants such as linen, cotton or denim.  Your shirt options should be easily worn with both your pants and shorts, depending on the temp that day or night.  If it’s warm in the morning or afternoon start with the shorts, and add layers as the temp drops throughout the day if needed. Read More

Why I Ditched My Heels for Wedges

Designer’s Intern’s Perspective

I’m Alyssa, 5’3” with a big personality, fueled by curiosity to know what is happening at all times around me. I have always wished I were taller. Just two inches would have made such a difference. Unfortunately my mother is 5’3″ and both my grandmothers were 5’2”. In other words, the chance of me being tall was slim to none. Being vertically challenged, it didn’t take me long to discover this little invention called heels. As soon as I was 17 and able to afford to buy heels for myself, I had a collection of very beautiful, very “impractical” (my mother’s word, not mine) heels. I was in love! My love story came to an end, though, when I realized these beautiful, impractical heels also made my feet feel as if I was walking on glass, in a fire mixed with hot sand if I wore them too long. Maybe it was the fake leather, or that I have a wide foot, but over two hours in those puppies and my nonexistent bunion bone would hurt, my little toe would be crushed, and the ball of my foot would feel as though I was walking on bone because my skin burned off.


Ladies, I know you know what I’m talking about. Every step hurts, and if you could, you would walk home barefoot, but you know taking the shoe off is only going to make it worse. So instead you cry in your mind, and try to find a place to sit wherever and whenever you can. I am 40% convinced piggyback rides were invented for women with tortured  feet. Read More

Met Punk Gala

This exhibition is organized and curated by Andrew Bolton at The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum. Titled: Chaos to Couture.Punked-it-out-2

Its purpose is to examine punk’s impact on high fashion since the 1970’s.  It shows how the punk influence has been a driving force in the fashion world.  DIY is so popular today, with YouTube demos popping up and lots of how tos on do it yourself garments, it is pretty cool to see where much of the inspiration bloomed.

This is like the Oscars of costume and high fashion crumbled into one.  I couldn’t think of a more fun fashion forward event.  As a designer and stylist, I would love to dress someone for an extraordinary event like this.  This ensemble would need attitude and a fantastic mix of punk and glamour. Read More