Prints Charming


Finally, your charming prints have arrived!

With so many fabulous prints this season, why choose just one? Some of the hot print trends right now range from nature landscapes to marble swirls, and everything in between. No shortage of animal prints, snake skins or even edgy graphics. Read More

Not My Most Glamorous Moment

No Stylist Wants to be Caught with a Plunger

I am hesitant to share this embarrassing story with my readers, however, just like anything else, style has its good, bad, and yes, even its ugly.  I am smack in the middle of my busy season.  I’ve been buzzing around as if I were the super nanny of fashion.  I love this time of year. Clothing is in demand, and I’m at fashion’s beck and call.

Zipping around the tristate area and beyond, a good friend of mine and her boyfriend were gracious enough to invite me to their house for the night, making my week a bit easier with a little less commuting.  Here is how it turned out… Read More

Unique Fashion Treasures

There are so many talented people creating unique fashion treasures.

As a stylist, I am always looking for unique finds for my clients. We all like to make a statement.  Part of my job is to research the latest trends and present them to all of you. I totally enjoy this part of styling. Revealing the story behind the designer is always an important part.  Being a designer myself, I love to find out where others draw inspiration from.

I recently discovered a designer named Ana. Ana has this unique idea to turn men’s neckties into women’s accessories. They are brilliant! Read More

The Return of the Sport Coat

The sport coat, it’s between formal wear and a casual jacket. This traditional staple is where the well-dressed man really distinguishes himself from the pack.

Read More

Which Style Personality Best Describes You?

Perhaps you don’t really have a specific style. Maybe your style is a unique combination of a few different styles. Or perhaps you lean towards one specific look all the time. Whatever the case may be, knowing what specific style you are is a great place to start when you are sorting brands to shop. Read More