Thursday Friday Has Your Next Statement Tote!

Nope, these are not just days of the week. However, I bet you are going to want one for every day of the week.


"Styled" by Andrea discovers Thursday Friday

“Styled” by Andrea discovers Thursday Friday

Read on for details, and 30% off your own fab Thursday Friday bag!

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Steal These Looks

Don’t let summer style pass you by. Steal these looks!

Fashion and trends move so fast. By the time you decide on one of the latest trends, it’s over and on to the next. If you have trouble keeping up and keeping things simple for summer, try “Styled” by Andrea’s curated styles. Consider this your cheat-cheat for summer inspiration. Read More

The Return of the Scrunchy

Don’t look now, but it’s true. The scrunchy is making its return.

The Return of the Scrunchy

 For those of you who aren’t familiar with the scrunchy, it’s a six inch piece of elastic tied in a knot, encased in a longer piece of fabric stitched and scrunched together, usually finishing anywhere from a half inch to two inches wide.

This 80’s/90’s wildly popular item was used to hold back the locks of many women in need of getting hair out of their faces. This elastic wonder was sometimes worn on the wrist for easy access. Used as the secret hair weapon at a moment’s notice. Read More

“Fringe” Benefits for Spring

Are there benefits of adding fringe to your wardrobe?

Fringe Benefits for spring

Yes! Fringe will add fun, color and sass to any outfit. Every time I spot fringe amongst a crowd, I feel as if fashion is smiling back at me. Read More

Interesting meeting with Fred Eisen, leather designer in Pennsylvania

Fred Eisen

Fred Eisen

One of my favorite things to do is visit quaint little towns and browse their unique shops on a nice sunny day. Lots of these interesting spots have inviting bed and breakfasts which are always enjoyable for a weekend getaway. But mostly I turn these pleasurable outings into day trips. Read More