Sneak Peak into Spring 2015


Spring 2015/Personal stylist Andrea Capro

Spring 2015/Personal stylist Andrea Capro

I know it’s early, but I hate keeping these fashion info gems to myself. Here’s what to expect for spring 2015.

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Terrific Find for the Perfect Holiday Gift!

Great Gift!

Great Gift!

I was downtown strolling along Prince Street the other day and stumbled across a terrific gift idea. The intriguing store is called Badichi Customized Belts, and they specialize in customizing all sorts of belts for men and women. Read More

The Season of Ugly Shoes

Is it me, or are fall 2014 shoes really ugly?

Ugly Shoes?

Ugly Shoes?

Seriously. Look around! Flatforms, loafers, combat boots and moccasins. It’s like the shoe gods aren’t happy with the girly girls; therefore, Manolos, kitten heels, wedges and sexy boots were banished. What’s next? Clogs and boat shoes? Be still my heart!

I’m the first one to enjoy the new comfy-swank athletic trend, or even embrace the more shabby side of shabby-chic every now and again. But when it comes to shoes, is ugly and clunky really the statement we want to make? Having fall without brown or orange leaves is pretty much the fashion equivalent of having the season with only ugly shoes to choose from.

People want to be comfortable in their fashion. I’m on board with that. As a designer/personal stylist, I’ve always kept comfort in mind. When did the goal change to “looking” comfortable? Is that what we want? I don’t know about you, but I tell clients every day that being comfortable in your fashion is important. It helps boost confidence. However, the goal is to look put together and be comfortable without looking like a slouch. By the way, believe it or not, you would be hard pressed to find a pair of shoes for under $2,000 in the photo above. Ugly shoes aren’t cheap. Shocking! I know!

I scoped out shoe styles for fall, and here’s what I saw…

Uncircumcised Boot

Uncircumcised Boot

Eek! Orthopedic shoes your grandpa would wear, Laura Ingalls leftovers, round toe revivals, Frankenstein steppers and the dreaded, uncircumcised boots (or at least that’s what I like to call them). Is this really what the fall 2014 shoe gods have laid before me?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m down with a little lace up boot, or even a chunky shoe or two in my collection. But for heaven’s sake, where are the soft, pretty options for fall? Not every outfit can be rounded off with a masculine shoe.

I vow to stay true to the more masculine mod and athletic trends this season. I’ll even break up my pastels with a chunky shoe. But please, please shoe designers and retailers…don’t take away my option to buy pretty shoes.

Fall Trends Tracked and Delivered by Personal Stylist Andrea Caprio

Personal Stylist/Andrea Caprio

I’m not rushing summer away folks! I’ve held out as long as I could. Your personal stylist has been dying to reveal what’s hot for fall 2014.

Fall is about to officially hit the streets. Before the weather turns and you sprint to stores for your cute boots and savvy jackets, take a look at my predictions. Buy with purpose this year. Think about what trends are right for you and will combine nicely with what you already have. Not all trends work for everyone. Choose wisely!

Forecast calls for sunshine colored constructed mini bags, and sky blue oversized clutches.These bags are a fabulous choice to merge into fall. This fall is all about expression and fashion freedom.

Below is a list of trends to look out for. Enjoy and stay tuned for more detailed descriptions of these trends later on in the season.

Hounds tooth
Ankle boots
T- strap shoes
60’s dolly-bird dresses
Sheer long skirts
Cuffed wide leg pants
Faux fur
Combat boots
Gray and tangerine
Self suspenders
Wide leg pants
Old Hollywood button down shirts
Bright florals
Oversized clutch
Constructed mini bags
Powder blue
Bold graphics
Floppy and boyish hats
Calf length skirts
Matchstick earrings
Penny loafers
Soft colors in chunks fabrics
Menswear platforms

Like I said folks, just some trends to get the fall juices flowin’. Leave comments or questions below. Your stylist loves to keep you in the know.


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