I’m Not Getting Paid by Cole Haan…

I just love them!

Cole Hann

They really are the best constructed shoe out there. In my opinion, Cole Haan gets it right,  for both men and women.

For years now, Nike has been collaborating with Cole Haan to construct not only great looking shoes, but shoes that are as comfortable as walking on air.

I believe I purchased my first pair about seven or eight years ago. It was love at first step for me. How could shoes this nice feel so good? Would you believe, I still have and wear those animal print Mary Jane heels to this day? They really held up well. Before I purchased my first pair, I remember hobbling home from dates in my six-inch heels after numerous hours of walking the city, dancing, et cetera.

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Launch Party Extravaganza!

launch pics jpeg

Saturday March 9th was the first ever “Styled” by Andrea Caprio event. It was held by the one and only, oh so gracious Holly Delinski. Read More

Get Inspired! It’s Flower Show Time!

39th Annual Macy’s Flower Show March 24th – April 7th

Nothing says spring like two million flowers and exotic topiaries.  Sixty-five years ago, Macy’s Flower Show began as a fragrance festival at the Union Square store in San Francisco. In 1953, the Macy’s Flower Show made its debut at The Herald Square store in New York City.


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Tales Of A Cocktail

DownloadedFile-1No, I’m not about to break into stories about my novel dating life.  I’ll leave those tales behind for now.  What I do want to talk about is the old-fashioned cocktail.images-2

Sure, shows like Sex and the City and Mad Men put certain drinks back on the map.  The 90’s was the decade of the Cosmo, and Mad Men pointed out how socially acceptable it was for men to drink at work, showing how real men socialized and made decisions over whiskey.  Take note I said “men”.  You would be hard pressed to find an image of a woman having a classic cocktail in the 1950’s. Read More

Confessions Of Hanger Rage

I am taunted by rage when I walk into a store and everything I touch slips off the hanger. I try to pick up the merchandise and arrange it back on the hangers, but it causes a chain reaction, sort of like a clothing domino effect.

I want to just leave everything on the floor and run out screaming. It’s even worse when I’m holding something in my hand or have a shopping bag from another store. God forbid I’m holding a drink! So frustrating trying to juggle things while picking up garments off the floor.

It’s so distracting I just want to run. Where are the five salesgirls who attacked me when I first walked in? Can I help you? How can I help you? This is on sale, that’s on sale. My name is blah blah. They swooned towards me as if they were a flock of pigeons! Where did they go? Are they looking the other way while I’m tangled in a bunch of silk tops and crappy, slippery hangers? Read More