Confessions Of Hanger Rage

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I am taunted by rage when I walk into a store and everything I touch slips off the hanger. I try to pick up the merchandise and arrange it back on the hangers, but it causes a chain reaction, sort of like a clothing domino effect.

I want to just leave everything on the floor and run out screaming. It’s even worse when I’m holding something in my hand or have a shopping bag from another store. God forbid I’m holding a drink! So frustrating trying to juggle things while picking up garments off the floor.

It’s so distracting I just want to run. Where are the five salesgirls who attacked me when I first walked in? Can I help you? How can I help you? This is on sale, that’s on sale. My name is blah blah. They swooned towards me as if they were a flock of pigeons! Where did they go? Are they looking the other way while I’m tangled in a bunch of silk tops and crappy, slippery hangers?

Help! Anyone? Anyone?

If this is happening to me, I can only imagine it happens to every customer who walks in. Why in the world would a merchant want to annoy their customers when they walk in? Isn’t the goal to create a serene safe haven to make customers feel comfortable and start buying? I’ve never understood this. I can’t even begin to think about how annoying it must be for the salespeople to keep picking the same garments up off the floor all day long.

We are living in an age of great inventions and technical geniuses.  Is it really so difficult to come up with hangers to hold your merchandise without sending potential customers running out of the store in a fit of rage?  Dear store manager and higher ups, when I shop, I want to look, touch and easily transport garments from rack to fitting room.  If you are wondering why at the end of the day little bunches of clothing draped over random racks appear, It’s because I’m totally frustrated that everything I touch falls on the ground, and my potential purchases are tangled in a big wad. With that said, I’m taking a stand!


Joan Crawford said it best in the 1981 biographical drama Mommie Dearest, and I couldn’t agree more.  “No more wire hangers!”

The last thing we want to do is mimic this mistake in our own closet.  We want browsing in our closet to be a tranquil experience.  We want to look, touch and make our selection.  No time or patience to pick up garments falling from hangers.

I have done my research, and here is what I know about hangers…

Consider these options when you’re in the market for new hangers. Using a proper hanger is what I believe to be one of the most overlooked features of an organized, streamlined closet. Since you’ve invested a small fortune on your wardrobe, it makes sense that you want to protect it. Treat your closet to quality hangers that will help extend the life of your garments.

  • Hangers that do not properly support the shoulders of jackets or shirts cause strain on the fabric which can, in turn, cause dimples on shoulders. Wire hangers are usually the culprit of this.  Choose a wider hanger in this case.
  •  Save your money for your clothing. Don’t break the bank, but do get a durable, high functioning hanger.
  • I find a swivel metal top is very efficient. I like to move my clothes around and hang them on different things when I’m getting ready.  I naturally want to swivel the hanger hook to hang on the bathroom door, et cetera. If the hook doesn’t swivel, I always manage to break it.
  • Hello velvet and flocked hangers!  So simple and affordable, yet they do the trick.  QVC, HSN, Costco, you name it, but beware of poor imitations.  I know this is a low cost item, however, quality varies, so I would stick with well-known brands.  I like the Huggable Hangers, and Joy Mangano.  They are easy to find, and most of you have discovered these in the past few years.  If you haven’t, then get to it!
  •  I like to use all one color.  Perhaps you want to color code. That’s a fun, easy-access idea as well. Shirts on the green, pants on the black, jackets on the gray and so on…These hangers only take up 1/4 inch of space, nothing falls to the ground, and everything appears to look neatly organized and uniform.
  • HSN, QVC, Costco and many others sell these in bulk or sets.  I recommend that when you decide to give your closet an overhaul, that you order enough for the whole closet at once.  The difference in the way your closet will look after you take on this task will astound you.  Hello organization!
  • Last but not least, call your stylist!  You and your closet should look effortlessly fab!  Get a fresh new start.

updated hangers

It’s not rocket science, it’s hangers. In a world full of annoyances, why not eliminate the ones you can? Happy shopping! -Andrea

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