• We’re for everyone. No matter your age, body type, lifestyle and budget, you deserve to look and feel your best.  Style is about knowing who you are and having the confidence to express yourself.  So why wait?  Everyday is an opportunity to shine! Services will be tailored to meet all your style needs.  STYLED by […]

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  • You may also purchase Packages. I find many clients enjoy purchasing services by package. Clients not only enjoy the savings, but enjoy the way their time is broken down to suit their specific wardrobe needs. All hours may be divided to suit the needs of each individual customer. All packages include the same treatment, with […]

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woman-closetSound Familiar?

Do you admire others’ seemingly effortless style? Then promise yourself season after season, year after year, that you’ll start to look and feel like the confident person you know you are.

  • Do you shop all the time yet have nothing to wear? Do you wish you could conquer body insecurities?
  • Do you stare at your closet and eventually end up wearing the same few outfits week after week? Do you dread getting dressed for an event, date, or even just getting ready for work in the morning?
  • Do you love fashion, but feel you just don’t have the time to keep up with the shopping?  Does it feel like a burden to continuously update your wardrobe?
Imagine having your own personal stylist, having a seasoned NYC designer’s perspective on dressing and maintaining your wardrobe.

Get excited!  Soon you will be looking put together and feeling effortlessly fabulous for every event, date and meeting, or just a typical day in the life of you!

Our Mission:  We are passionate about style. We believe that when people achieve their own effortless style, it opens the door to endless confidence. That’s why we work hard to uncover each person’s unique look. Whether it’s starting over or simply adding a fresh perspective, our goal is to help everyone start each day looking and feeling their best.