Which Style Personality Best Describes You?

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Perhaps you don’t really have a specific style. Maybe your style is a unique combination of a few different styles. Or perhaps you lean towards one specific look all the time. Whatever the case may be, knowing what specific style you are is a great place to start when you are sorting brands to shop.

Below are style types with brief descriptions. Choose which style mostly defines your look. You may be a combination of a few different styles.

Classic Timeless pieces. You could wear it now, or you could wear it ten years from now. It will always look clean, smart and new.

Trendy Short-lived hot items which are of the moment.

Earthy Comfy, earth tones , bohemian, or sometimes a hippy vibe.

Romantic Florals, velvet, lace and frills are a dead give away for the romantic style.

Rocker Black, purple and animal prints represent the rocker. Leather and hardware are also inspired by rock ‘n roll. The rocker is more hard than soft, and more edgy than refined.

Urban casual Jeans and a T-shirt is your daytime look, jeans and a better T-shirt is your nighttime look.

Preppy Polos, khakis, stripes and brights have all been associated with preppy. Preppy was drawn from the look of prep school students. Clean cut and neat best describes this look.

Here are a few brand suggestions, based on style aesthetics, which will help point you in the right direction the next time you shop. If interested in a larger list of brands which may suit you, please contact AndreaCaprio@styledbyandrea.com or www.styledbyandrea.com


 Classic – Men = Brooks Brothers / Women = Brooks Brothers

 Trendy – Men = John Varvatos / Women= Alice and Olivia

 Earthy – Men = Lucky Brand / Women = lucky Brand

Romantic – Men = Valentino / Women = Valentino

 Rocker – Men = All Saints / Women = Roberto Cavalli

Urban casual – Men = Rag and Bone / Women = Rag and Bone

 Preppy – Men = Vineyard Vine / Women = Lilly Pulitzer

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