Unique Fashion Treasures

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There are so many talented people creating unique fashion treasures.

As a stylist, I am always looking for unique finds for my clients. We all like to make a statement.  Part of my job is to research the latest trends and present them to all of you. I totally enjoy this part of styling. Revealing the story behind the designer is always an important part.  Being a designer myself, I love to find out where others draw inspiration from.

I recently discovered a designer named Ana. Ana has this unique idea to turn men’s neckties into women’s accessories. They are brilliant!

These wearable pieces of art (which I like to call them) are all one of a kind. Ana selects these beautiful, 100% silk ties and creates an amazing array of hand-made necklaces right out of Los Angeles, California.

Ana obtained her BA in fashion design from the International Academy of Design in Tampa, Florida, but was sewing her heart out long before. After reaching out to her, I learned of her charming history which stems from her grandma.  When Ana was a little girl, her grandma taught her how to knit, sew and crochet. She comes from a long line of creative sewers. I guess you could say it’s in her blood. I totally relate.

Ana has always found men’s neckties fascinating, and discovered a way to turn them into an elegant women’s accessory. These feminine pieces come in an array of beautiful colors and interesting patterns.

The two I ordered are on their way and I can’t wait to see them in person.  Keep making innovative, fashionable things Ana, and we will keep a close eye on you!

If you would like to order your own original pieces from Styles By Ana, see info below.

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