Not My Most Glamorous Moment

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No Stylist Wants to be Caught with a Plunger

I am hesitant to share this embarrassing story with my readers, however, just like anything else, style has its good, bad, and yes, even its ugly.  I am smack in the middle of my busy season.  I’ve been buzzing around as if I were the super nanny of fashion.  I love this time of year. Clothing is in demand, and I’m at fashion’s beck and call.

Zipping around the tristate area and beyond, a good friend of mine and her boyfriend were gracious enough to invite me to their house for the night, making my week a bit easier with a little less commuting.  Here is how it turned out…


image001Dear (insert friend’s boyfriend’s name),

First thing I would like to say is I am very sorry for apparently leaving the scene of the crime. When I woke in the middle of the night and saw the plunger alongside the toilet, I thought you had clogged it, so I went back to bed.

In the morning (insert friend’s name) had asked if I had clogged the toilet. I realized in my tiredness I very well could have. Struck with sheer embarrassment, I got ready and ran out of the apartment to avoid the uncomfortableness of facing you.


 Secondly, I tried to plunge it myself before I departed, but quickly realized the plunger kept turning inside out. I thought this was a small yet annoying problem and it would straighten itself out quickly when I left. I never realized this would have caused you guys so much aggravation. I am truly mortified and wish I could take it back. Again, I am very sorry.  I will obviously pay for any damages.  I will return carrying a new porcelain thrown on my back to gain your forgiveness if need be. Thank you for all of your kindness and being so gracious. My deepest apologies. -Andrea

No stylist wants to be caught with a plunger.  But if you are, you better be equipped with a smile and a way to avoid the sheer terror by remaining human enough to laugh about it.   Glad we are laughing about this now. Occasional potty humor never goes out of style. 😉


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