How to Wear Ripped Jeans

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ripped jeans

They are back! Every brand has em’, and people are wearing em’.

People have been asking me the same questions about wearing the beloved ripped jean. The most popular questions are, “How do I wear them?”, “Where and when is it appropriate to wear them?”

I’m laughing out loud as I’m writing this because this blog could almost write itself right now. What I mean by this is all week I’ve been haunted by comments about ripped jeans and peoples’ perceptions of them, young and old. Let me share a few, and I hope you get a chuckle out of them as well.

Most of us are catching on to the revived trend of the broken-in ripped jean. This style has so many variations for women and men. You could buy a pair at Target for 20 bucks, or you could buy them at Barneys for $375.00 and above.

No matter your style or price range, you, too, can look like a trendy hobo. I’m not knocking it. As a matter of fact, I’m a fan if worn the correct way, which I’ll get to in a moment.

 Exhibit A. I get a call from my mother (in her 60’s) a few weeks ago, and she says, “You know, your sister had on ripped jeans the other day. Maybe you should take her shopping.” Truth be told, my sister is pregnant and recently paid a pretty penny for a fab pair of maternity jeans. I think offering trendy styles in maternity is as exciting as Hillary running for prez. A feat for women everywhere. Clearly my mom didn’t understand the ripped jean trend.

Exhibit B. Sister visits grandmother in her trendy ripped jeans. Grandma (in her 90’s) says to sister, “Oh. Would you like me to buy you some new jeans?” Again, another generation that doesn’t quite understand this trend.

Exhibit C. I’m sporting my new ripped denim capris from White House Black Market. Great fit by the way, and rolled up with little animal flats looked fab! Anyway, I was out having a meal with my brother and his family. My 3-year-old nephew crawled under the table as many kids like to do. All of a sudden, I feel a little finger poking in the knee of my new capris. I peek under the table to be greeted by a little face saying “Aunt Ann, when my pants look like this I throw them in the garbage.” I busted out laughing. There you have it! You could be 3 to 90 years old and still not understand this trend. If you are like me and appreciate this trend, then here are a few tips to actually pull it off and not look like a hobo.

If you decide to sport the ripped jeans trend, be sure to consider these tips:

  •  Wear a crisp button down shirt (well pressed)
  • Try it with a blazer (men and women)
  •  Wear accessories. This counteracts the impression of not caring or being lazy. It says this is the look I’m trying to achieve, instead of, I picked these up off the floor and they are good enough
  •  Smaller rips are the trend, larger rips should be left to the 90’s
  •  Purchase a good fit. The trend is not baggy and ripped. This time around it’s fitted with tears
  •  This trend is not corporate and may not be welcomed in a few restaurants, country clubs, etc. (use your judgement)
  •  Best worn in casual settings, non corp work environments, weekends and nights out for drinks at bars, etc..
  •  For ladies, pair your jeans with a flat or a printed sneaker during the day, or spice it up at night with a blazer and a fresh pair of heels
If you stick to wearing your ripped jeans with clean, neat or structured pieces, then you will absolutely look presentable. Sure, select 3-year-olds and 90 somethings may never get it, but you will be on trend and still be able to wear this style you love.
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