Holiday Gifts


My pick of the season for holiday gifts this year is C. Wonder.  The reason I’m choosing this as a best bet for holiday gift shopping is the freshness of the merchandise.  It’s not the “same old same old”.  C. Wonder has everything from jewelry, bags, bright colored clothing, home decor, stocking stuffers and personalized monogrammed gifts.  I even saw some bright colored bikes in the Columbus Circle location.

When you walk into this store it will change your mood.  The best part of this new brand is the quality!  Yes! Imagine that?  I checked out the quality of the clothing and it has my seal of approval.  My opinion is this two-year-old brand will not only make it, it will be around for a very long time.

I would say C. Wonder is a hybrid of J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, and have something special that will make them a success.  This is absolutely a brand to keep on your radar.  Did I mention the beautiful boxes and bags?  The wrapping is superb!

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