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The New Shoe Review (Miz Mooz)

Miz Mooz Styled by Andrea Caprio

 I’m completely crushing on a shoe company I stumbled upon recently. It’s funny, I was actually in North Carolina when this NYC brand caught my eye. I was doing my “new town shopping tour”, when my eyes fixated on these slouchy, leathery, oddly shaped sandals. I was intrigued by how imperfectly cool they looked. I […]

Making Sense of Scents (A lesson on fragrance)

A lesson on Fragrance

How long have you been sporting your fragrance? Would you say you have a signature scent? Much like the clothes we choose, our perfume/cologne is another form of expression that can set us apart from the pack. Sense of smell is the most memorable sense of all the senses. It’s amazing how one sniff of […]

When Not to Take a Trendy Fashion Risk

Fashion Risk

Ever notice someone rock a vintage look so well it can propel you into a specific point in time, nailing the vibe and the look effortlessly? Meanwhile, someone else wearing the exact same garment might just appear to be stuck in a time warp. This is where knowing when not to take a trendy fashion […]

How to Wear Ripped Jeans

ripped jeans

They are back! Every brand has em’, and people are wearing em’. People have been asking me the same questions about wearing the beloved ripped jean. The most popular questions are, “How do I wear them?”, “Where and when is it appropriate to wear them?”

Sexy Hair from the 80’s

  If you are old enough to remember 80’s fashion or young enough to revive an iconic look, then read on. Ladies, I’m talking hair! For years now it’s been all about straight and sleek dos. We’ve flattened, ironed, Brazilian straightened and chemically altered for this popular look. But let’s face it, how many people […]

Sneak Peak into Spring 2015

  I know it’s early, but I hate keeping these fashion info gems to myself. Here’s what to expect for spring 2015.

Terrific Find for the Perfect Holiday Gift!

I was downtown strolling along Prince Street the other day and stumbled across a terrific gift idea. The intriguing store is called Badichi Customized Belts, and they specialize in customizing all sorts of belts for men and women.

The Season of Ugly Shoes

Styled By Andrea Caprio/Ugly shoes

Is it me, or are fall 2014 shoes really ugly? Seriously. Look around! Flatforms, loafers, combat boots and moccasins. It’s like the shoe gods aren’t happy with the girly girls; therefore, Manolos, kitten heels, wedges and sexy boots were banished. What’s next? Clogs and boat shoes? Be still my heart! I’m the first one to […]

Fall Trends Tracked and Delivered by Personal Stylist Andrea Caprio

Personal Stylist/Andrea Caprio

I’m not rushing summer away folks! I’ve held out as long as I could. Your personal stylist has been dying to reveal what’s hot for fall 2014. Fall is about to officially hit the streets. Before the weather turns and you sprint to stores for your cute boots and savvy jackets, take a look at […]

Andrea Caprio on Why You Should Try Lash Extensions

Where is everyone getting awesome looking natural eyelashes?