The New Shoe Review (Miz Mooz)

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 Miz Mooz Styled by Andrea CaprioI’m completely crushing on a shoe company I stumbled upon recently. It’s funny, I was actually in North Carolina when this NYC brand caught my eye.

I was doing my “new town shopping tour”, when my eyes fixated on these slouchy, leathery, oddly shaped sandals. I was intrigued by how imperfectly cool they looked. I decided right there I couldn’t leave the store without trying on these little gems.

I was not confident these shoes would look good, nor was I convinced they would fit correctly. Ahhh… To my surprise, these didn’t only look way better on, but they were super comfy. I was in a store that carried quite a few brands, and it was the first time in years that a shoe salesman scooted up next to me, put my shoe on and buckled me in. I forgot how nice that makes the shoe buying experience. You’d be hard pressed to find that in NYC these days.

Anyway, I walked around in these slouchy sandals thinking, wow, fashionable and comfortable. Ding ding! Yup, way harder to find than you would think.

Take note: brand name is Miz Mooz. Looked it up and realized I know their shoes. Their esthetic usually leans towards vintage styling. Think dance type heel with strap, circa 1920’s. I may even have a few of these in my closet already.

It appears that they have a whole line of these strappy, slouchy sandals that I now love so much. I had to share this with you as the comfort factor was right up there with the visual appeal.

After reading that Miz Mooz pride themselves on the principle that fashion and comfort can coexist, I knew I was all in. If you, like me, are in the market for hand finished leather, and unique and unexpected detailing, then Miz Mooz is worth a try!

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